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Brand: Inoue Tōsuke

Country : Japan

Size: 17mm

Grid: Single bevel

Type: Square

Year: Dated around 1960

Shave ready: Yes

Steel: Carbon steel



Kamisori – Japanese straight razor. Japanese Kamisori came from China together with Buddhism during 552 to 645 ce. They first were used in ceremonies for shaving the heads and faces of Buddhist monks. In Japan’s Middle Ages they were used to shave the heads (and faces) of the samurai. When the Meiji government prohibited carrying weapons (swords) in public in 1876, the sword smiths put all their skills and knowledge into producing high quality razors, knives. When the Samurai era came to an end, the “modern” kamisori is born. with more roundish shapes, a slightly hollowed grounded “Omote” (side without markings) and a concave “Ura” (side with markings). Japanese kamisori are made with concept of Katana in mind, Omote side with soft steel cladded/laminated with hard steel on Ura side. Hard steel able retain sharpness while soft steel can provide support and cushioning to prevent the kamisori from becoming too brittle.

This is a vintage Japan Made Kamisori in mint NOS - New Old Stock condition.


Tang marked with “Inoue Tōsuke”, “Gold Stamp”


Great shaver, with beautiful history. When in use, strop same as how Straight razors are stropped, which is 50/50. Also, the straight razor shall always be placed with “Ura” facing upwards.

When shaving traditionally “Omote” touches the skin. However, the Ura side can be used as a shaving side depending on the ergonomic