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Brand                    : J.A HENKELS

Country                : Germany

Size                        : 6/8 inch – Actual 19.0 mm

Grid                       : Full hollow

Type                      : Square Point

Year                       : Dated around 1960

Shave ready       : Yes

Steel                      : Stainless steel


This is a vintage Solingen-made straight razor in good condition.

Tang marked with Twins Trademark and 'Inox No Stain Germany' & Other side marked 'J.A. Henckels Solingen Zwillingswerk'

J.A. Henckels, founded by Peter Henckels started in 1731 as a knife making company which still exist today. By 1900, the straight razor had reached its final evolution. The hollow grind reached its zenith with J.A. Henckels offerings. The conclusion of the straight razor came about because of Gillette and their ruthless advertising campaign which stopped the straight razor and brought on an age of consumerism and a new "throw-away" society.

Absolutehone comments: beautiful razor with flower décor on the spine, yellow colored plastic scale. Minor hone wear, very nice shave & stainless steel for easier maintenance. Although its stainless steel doesn’t mean it is un-rustable, care shall be taken as well to keep it dry and oiled for long term storage.

One available, J.A HENKELS does not produce straight razors anymore. You can now own a piece of great tool from the 1900s!

Honed using natural stones to Shave-Ready by a professional.

Kindly note that this is a vintage item, there may be light scratches and wear.

Free leather & Canvas Strop provided with this purchase.

Ready stock.

J.A HENKELS 472 INOX Stainless #6200

SKU: #6200
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