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Brand: Wade and Butcher

Country : United Kingdom

Size: Actual 17 mm

Grid: hollow Ground

Type: barbers notch

Year: Circa 1880

Shave ready: Yes

Steel: Carbon Steel



This is an antique Sheffield, England Made straight razor, it is made by Wade and Butcher. The model of this razor is about 141 years old. Wade and Butcher was Started by Wade Robert 1810-1818, then passed through generations, pioneering the hollow grind, before being perfected by Zwilling JA Henkel. Production of wade and butcher ended in 1959. Wade and butcher is a perfect example peeking into craftsman’s system of early 1880.



Straight razor enthusiast and collector will stumble across Wade and Butcher brand and so far, we have rarely seen anyone complained about the maker. Why? probably it is because they have selected high quality steel which can take an excellent edge and a quality workmanship regards to its grind. With such perfect location Sheffield, where many forges and foundries were centralized in during the industrial revolution high quality steel material can be procured. Hence, this razor is highly sought after by collectors due to its established high quality from Wade and Butcher.


Absolutehone comments: Great shaver with good steel. Highly collectible item. Solid build, with horn scales and metal spacing. Special care will be required as this is a carbon razor, oil and keep dry to prevent rusts.


Only one in available, Wade and butcher does not produce straight razors anymore. You can now own a piece of great history and an antique!

Honed using natural stones to Shave-Ready by a professional.

Kindly note that this is a vintage item, there may be light scratches and wear.

Wade and Butcher The Celebrated Medium Size Hollow Ground #5772

SKU: 5772
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