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Professional honing service, and Straight razor restoration.
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I am Lim from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Deeply in love with anything sharp and nerding out with metallurgy of knife steel. I have created absolutehone to share my passion of honing/ sharpening to perfection and striving to bring out the greatest edge a blade has to offer.  

I mainly hone Straight Razor, Kamisori, and knives. It is fun to work with different steel and observing how the steel behaves and appreciate the craftsmanship of straight razor making.

Also, I collect and restore vintage straight razors or Kamisori that may be available for sale from time to time for collectors who appreciate vintage straight razors. Each razor has been ensure to be shave ready and of good quality steel, any flaws will be pointed out in its respective pictures. I do not sell razors with bad steel or in un-shaveable condition.

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