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Brand: CAPE NT 77

Country : Japan

Size: 6/8 inch – actual 18 mm

Grid: Full hollow

Type: Square Point

Year: Circa 1971 - 1973

Shave ready: Yes

Steel: Carbon Steel

This is a vintage Japanese Made straight razor, its is brand by Tanifuji Fukutarō and distributed by Nichiri Co.LTD (one of the largest barber shop and beauty salon equipment supplier in Japan.). Tanifuji san 1894, was the first to start manufacturing western style Japanese straight razors,using Japanese traditional techniques & skills to manufacture his razors. In 1918, he succeeded in the production of an excellent domestic Western razor which sharpness was more excellent than a Western imported razor. The beauty of the shape of the razor was derived from Japanese traditional knife/sword forging skills. Tanifuji retired at the age of 79, around 1973 He transferred his main machinery and materials to Mr. Iwasaki-san. (Very famous Razor maker) The Emperor Taisho (123rd Emperor of Japan) shaved himself by a Tanifuji razor, he kept his beloved Tanifuji Fukutaro’s razor at Tokyo Sumida-ku government office, exhibiting it from time to time.


CAPE NT 77 is a special edition Straight razor by Tanifuji to celebrate him coming to age of 77-year-old, with a beautiful etching and makers mark on the back of the tang. Kindly note that this razor has a replacement scale and its not original to NT 77, but the scale quality is good and comes with a nice design.


Absolutehone comments: First-class shaver, great steel. There are slight pitting marks on the steel due to its age, but it does not affect its performance. Special care will be required as this is a carbon razor, oil and keep dry to prevent rusts.


Only one in available, Tanifuji san does not produce straight razors anymore. You can now own a piece of great history and soon to be an antique! Honed using natural stones to Shave-Ready by a professional. Kindly note that this is a vintage item, there may be light scratches and wear.

Tanifuji 77 CAPE KENNEDY RAZOR NT 77 #6748

SKU: 6748
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